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Outdoor solar waterproof wall lamp

Outdoor solar waterproof wall lamp


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New technology: The world's leading solar panels (monocrystalline silicon) convert up to 19% of sunlight into electricity, and the charging time is at least 5% faster than other models of solar wall lights (polycrystalline silicon) on the market. Especially in winter or rainy days, when the light is insufficient, save your charging time

Super bright: Equipped with 100 super bright LED beads, the solar motion sensor outdoor light provides excellent lighting up to 1000 lumens

Three modes: Induction of strong light, no induction light off. The induction lamp is bright, and there is no induction dim light semi-bright and semi-bright strong long light mode. Install the solar wall light with screws, fully charge 8-12 hours under direct sunlight

Intelligent automatic switch: Turn on when the motion sensor is detected at night, and automatically turn off when the motion stops. Powerful sensor ball head provides strong motion sensitivity of up to 2.7-5 meters and a sensor angle of 120 degrees

Weather resistance: Our unit is made of high-impact ABS, which can withstand snow, rain and other extreme weather conditions. IP65 waterproof and heat resistant, solar light, suitable for all kinds of weather. Suitable for outdoor, garden, courtyard, garage, driveway corridor

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