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Tesla proposes to build 20GW of energy storage capacity in Australia to make wind power and photovoltaic "dispatchable"

Tesla, the world's most successful manufacturer of electric vehicles and battery storage, suggested that Australia build 20 gigawatts of energy storage capacity to ensure that Australia has enough "dispatchable" electricity to transition to a grid dominated by wind and solar energy.

Tesla's proposal is to respond to a questionnaire from the Standing Committee of the Australian Federal Parliament on Australia's dispatchable energy generation and storage capacity. From market operators to utilities, network, storage providers, and coal, natural gas, and nuclear energy lobby groups, the survey has attracted dozens of submissions, but Tesla's submissions are clear, crisp and particularly eye-catching.
Tesla believes that it is no longer economically reasonable for investors or the government to build new coal-fired or natural gas peak power plants in Australia to provide dispatchable energy, and battery energy storage provides a fast, modular and scalable configuration. Deploy anywhere on the grid. Moreover, compared with natural gas or pumped storage projects, battery energy storage occupies the smallest footprint and has a relatively low carbon footprint.
However, the current problem with battery energy storage is that many of the services it provides are not rewarded because the electricity market is designed for a grid dominated by centralized fossil fuel power generation. Tesla calls on the government to encourage and fund the application of innovative low-carbon technologies, not just extend the service life of existing high-carbon assets or upgrade. Extending the life of aging assets will distort investment signals and inhibit the development of renewable energy.
Tesla believes that Australia does not currently have a master plan and clear mechanism to ensure the scale of energy storage needed to meet the requirements of reliability and system safety in the short term, and increase consumer affordability in the long term. Tesla proposes to set a clear storage goal of reaching 20 gigawatts by 2040 in order to track progress and guide electricity reforms to support the new electricity market; at the same time, it will eliminate regulatory barriers that hinder the use of battery energy storage in electricity networks.
Tesla has deployed more battery storage in Australia than any other company, especially the first "Tesla battery" in Hornsdale, South Australia, reshaping the design of the future power grid. By the first quarter of 2020, Tesla has installed more than 100,000 Powerwall battery packs in Australia, some of which are used in "virtual power plants," where resources are aggregated to provide energy and grid services when needed.
News source: International Energy Small Data

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